This event is fired by the server if a socket user does not have chat scope and thus, can't send chat messages. More precisely, if sender does not have chat.write scope, spaces won't broadcast the message. If you want to toggle this setting, go to Space settings → Permissions → Content creation.

Callback Parameters

NameDescriptionJSON type
  • bodyText: (string) message text to send
categoryType of message to send, can be: 'chat', 'idea', 'task'string
topicIdUnique identifier of topic to send message to. Note: Direct messages are sent to a topic with only 2 members. To retrieve the topicId for a direct message see /spaces/direct/{userType}/{userId}.string
mentionsarray of user IDs mentionedstring
  • _id: (string) id of the sender.
  • username: (string) sender's username. Email, if registered; a string, if anonymous.
  • displayname: (string) sender's display name.
  • picture_url: (string) sender's picture URL.
  • type: (string) sender's type. Can be either "user" or "anonymous"
errorerror typestring


socketConnection.on('SEND_MESSAGE_FAILED', callback(payload));


        "content": {
        "bodyText": "<p>Message text</p>"
    "category": "chat",
    "topicId": "61013fa05f0104ae812e5123",
    "mentions": [],
    "sender": {
        "_id": "61a0f75dc8c54155d05001s2",
    "username": "AnonymousUser",
    "displayname": "AnonymousUser",
    "picture_url": "",
    "type": "anonymous"
    "error": ""