1. Overview
  3. Socket IO
  4. File Upload
  5. Retrieve Limits

1 Overview

Avaya Spaces has per user limits in place to prevent abuse. These limits should not be encountered during regular use.

There are specific limits for REST API, Socket IO and file uploads. Limits can be global or on a per resource basis. Resource limits count toward global limits and are more restrictive than global limits.


Global limits:

  • Maximum REST API requests: 600 per 5 minutes

Resource limits:

Following table lists each user api calls limits.
POST /api/files/getuploadurl30 per minute
POST /api/spaces/:topicId/invite.10 per 10 minutes
* All other api calls 60 per minute

Following table lists each IP api calls limits.
POST /api/spaces/:topicId/invite.180 per 10 minutes

3 Socket IO

Global limits:

  • Maximum concurrent Socket IO connections: 3
  • Maximum Socket IO events sent: 200 per minute
  • Maximum Socket IO event payload size (total JSON size): 16 KB

4 File Upload

Global file upload limits:

  • Maximum file size: 1 GB
  • Maxmimum uploads: 30 per minute

5 Retrieve Limits

All current Spaces limits can be obtained from the following API.

GET https://spacesapis.avayacloud.com/api/limit

Sample response:

    "global": {
        "rest_api": {
            "rate_limit": 600,                  //number of requests
            "rate_interval": 300,               //Seconds
            "max_upload_file_size": 1048576     //Kilobytes
        "socketio": {
            "max_connections": 3,       //number of concurrent connections
            "rate_limit": 600,      //number of requests
            "rate_interval": 60,    //Seconds
            "payload_size": 16      //Kilobytes
    "resource": [
            "path": "/api/files/getuploadurl",      //url of resource
            "method": "POST",                       //HTTP method
            "rate_limit": 30,                       //number of requests
            "rate_interval": 60                     //Seconds

6 Invitation Limits

Global limits:

  • Maximum email invitations can be sent by a user per day 1000
  • Maximum of email invitations can be sent at once by a user 500