1. Overview
  2. Avaya Spaces
  3. Related Avaya Cloud Products
  4. Retrieve Service Configurations
  5. Retrieve Legal Information

1 Overview

All REST API requests to Avaya Spaces are made to spacesapis.avayacloud.com, but most client applications will also require connections to other Avaya Spaces resoures. These Avaya Spaces resources can be obtained programmatically by making a request to service-configurations endpoint, see section 4.

For example, a client application may be required to initialize a socket.io connection to Avaya Spaces. The address of the Avaya Spaces socket.io server can be obtained in the spaces object as the socketio_server_url property.

2 Avaya Spaces


  • server_url: Main service url (REST API). For example, https://spacesapis.avayacloud.com.
  • socketio_server_url: SocketIO service url. For example, https://spacesapis-socket.avayacloud.com.
  • marketing_url: Optional, Spaces marketing page url. For example, http://www.avayacloud.com/products/spaces.

3 Related Avaya Cloud Products


  • server_url: This is the URL of Avaya Cloud Accounts. It provides authentication service. For example, https://accounts.avayacloud.com.


  • server_url: This is the URL of Avaya Cloud Store. It provides a service for customers to buy product licenses. For example, https://store.avayacloud.com.

5 Retrieve Service Configurations

All current Spaces related service configurations can be obtained from the following API.

GET https://spacesapis.avayacloud.com/api/service-configurations

Sample response:

  "spaces": {
    "server_url": "https://spacesapis.avayacloud.com",
    "socketio_server_url": "https://spacesapis-socket.avayacloud.com",
    "marketing_url": "https://www.avayacloud.com/products/spaces",
  "store": {
    "server_url": "https://store.avayacloud.com",
  "accounts": {
    "server_url": "https://accounts.avayacloud.com",

6 Retrieve Legal Information

All current Spaces related docs can be obtained from the following API.


GET https://spacesapis.avayacloud.com/api/service-configurations/US/en/legal

Sample response: