1. Overview
  2. REST APIs
  3. OAuth 2
  4. Socket.IO

1 Overview

The various programs and protocols used to interface with Avaya Spaces are widely used, and should be mostly familiar to developers with experience using other APIs. If they’re not familiar to you yet, that’s okay too- none of them are too difficult to understand. The links below will provide you with a working understand of these systems, and are intended to be used as a springboard for further research.


Avaya Spaces offers a Representational State Transfer (REST) API for third-party interfaces. The concept of REST systems, the HTTP protocol, and basic internet architecture should be well understood.

Additionally, we recommend Postman (https://www.getpostman.com/) for experimenting with HTTP requests and APIs.

3 OAuth 2

Avaya Cloud Identity implements OAuth 2 as its protocol for authorization and authentication.

For more information on how Avaya Spaces uses OAuth 2, see the Authorization Guide.

4 Socket.IO

Avaya Spaces uses a websocket library called Socket.IO as it's real time communications protocol.

For more information on how Socket.IO is used in Avaya Spaces, see the Socket.IO Guide.